Our First Night in Chutes Provincial Park

After getting our towing and bikes options settled on the Sunday, we had a late start leaving Scarborough (we finally left by 2 pm).  We had a long travel day planned to get to our first stop, so we were certainly going to be setting up the tent camper in the dark.  Once we accepted this fact, it didn’t seem as daunting.  🙂

After stopping for a little fast food dinner in Sudbury, we continued on a little bit more to our first stop at Chutes Provincial Park.  Even though it was set up in the dark, here’s what it looked like first thing in the morning… not bad, eh?  So that’s what our sites will typically look like.

DSC_9698.JPGSo here we are just off the north shore of Georgian Bay. (Still?!?  After all that driving?!?)  Our main draw to Chutes was the beautiful falls and rapids on the Aux Sables River.  So in the morning, after a little bit of cereal and PB&J, we decided to check out the paths that trace along the river.

After all the difficulties it took to actually pack our bikes for this trip, I think we were eager to justify their trouble!  So we got all suited up on our bikes and headed to the trail head, only to find out that bikes weren’t allowed. 😉 . So we parked them and started walking.

DSC_9734.JPGTalk about a lot of nature discovery!


Including tons of these little friends of the kids.  (It was literally a caterpillar infestation).

DSC_9754.JPGJB is hoping to house a little friend here, complete with a freshly torn leafy salad.  There was some discussion about why her little friends could in fact not come along with us for the ride.

DSC_9699.JPGGee didn’t quite mention to me just how close JB was to everything, probably for good reason.




Fun history fact (maybe): the Chutes got it’s name from the fact that the days of the logging industry, when in the winter, the trees would be cut down and dragged on top of the icy river (and each company would brand their name on the end of the log).  Then when the ice melted, the logs would float down the river.  I guess the falls can cause a lot of damage to the trees, so they would build a large wooden chute to ferry the logs safely past the falls to the lower waters.  Now that you’re all humming the log driver’s waltz in your head…


DSC_9726.JPGFinally, we headed back, packed up camp, said goodbye to all our caterpillar friends, and headed into the nearby town of Massey to have a quick bite for lunch.

The very friendly staff and delicious food at the Back Home Bistro was a treat for us!  Chicken tortellini soup and tasty lunch meals were well received by all.  And the folks didn’t seem to mind our slightly rambunctious group.  We even made it on their facebook page. (even in a good way! 😉 )  I would certainly recommend this place for a stop for food. I know you’re not judgemental, but I’m sure you have figured out at this point that we are definitely not ‘roughing it’ too much…yet!

Unfortunately, we were a little slower than we wanted to getting off today, so we missed the highly recommended Potholes Provincial Park, where the water has basically worn potholes into the rock.  Ah well… another time!

Julia quote of the day: “We are going to have so much fun EVERYDAY!”


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