On the Road Again…

We’re travelling around the top of Lake Superior, another solid 5.5 hour drive (not including the stops).  We’re going through the rest of the quiet Lake Superior park, and into better cell reception areas with quaint towns along the way.  Our plan is to get to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park (just before Thunder Bay) and hopefully see the amazing Canadian version of the Grand Canyon at nearby Ouimet.

So now we’re “On the road again…” (good song, but those are the only lyrics I know).  I wonder if we broke any records… as it was day 3 where it started off with “I’m so bored!  Everything is boring!”.  The kids then discovered the in-vehicle DVD system.  We’re trying to limit the movie times to late afternoon, so the only way to keep their interest this morning was teaching them how to play Battleship.  At 1:11 PM, June 20th, G made his dream come true of saying “you sunk my battleship” to his kids.  A momentous occasion.  Now the game is done, and Dora is on, and we try not to drive off the road when we hear random shouting from the kids of “map!”, “Diegoooo!” and “backpack!”.

The landscape is incredible!  Now I’m coming from the land where my skiing lessons as a kid were held at our beloved mole-hill, Glen Eden.  So my impression of mountains is far from the realities that people in Fernie, BC and Grindewald, CH know well.  But these rolling mountains have breathtaking views of Lake Superior, forested islands, deep valleys, towering cliffs, and gorgeous rocks.  Our morning started shrouded in thick mist (E-man quote: “this is the foggiest fog I’ve ever seen”), and ended in blue sky with the sun making the waters of the Lake Superior shimmer.

When we finally rolled into Sleeping Giant PP, it was very quiet and peaceful.

DSC_9819_edited-2.jpgDSC_9795.JPGThey have great, private lakeside sites that you can drive to.

DSC_9817_edited-1.jpgThat night, Julia was full of wonder at hearing her first loon call.


And nature certainly got up close with us!



We suspect that these animals have been fed a meal or two to be this comfortable near us, which isn’t a good thing.  Try telling that to your 7 year old who just wants to befriend a dear and take it for a ride.

Ratings of the day:

Geoff’s dad jokes: 4/10 – After B4 was called out in battleship, he said “before what”?  And then he laughed.

Soundtrack of the day:  Leonard Cohen – You Wanted it Darker (perfect for driving through misty rolling mountains)

Curiosity of the day: need to better understand #resistance150

Pretty little towns: Terrace Bay – awesome panoramic vista from the homes up on the hill top, good lively town.  Great stopover at Driftwood Restaurant and Imperial Motel – super clean washrooms (change table in womens’) and friendly folks, quick gas, good parking lot for the beast of a vehicle we’re driving/towing.


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