Rushing River – A Blast from G’s Past

So the story goes that G and his family would meet their Calgarian cousins and family at the midpoint between Toronto and Calgary.  Which apparently is still in Ontario.  That would place them here at Rushing River, oh about 35 years ago.  So aside from everything looking like a smaller version of it back then, G says it hadn’t changed much at all.  Which meant it was awesome!

DSC_9927.JPGIt also means… cooking a real breakfast!  Steak and eggs…yummmm.


Finally, we were able to stay in a place for TWO nights in a row!  Even the rainy morning couldn’t stop these kids from being outside and playing!  Afterwards, they were soaked and happy.

We met a lovely family from Winnipeg (it seems a lot of Winnipeggers come out to this park right on the Ontario/Manitoba border).  The RV crowd really do help eachother out, and there’s a lot of lending that goes on, such as when the water hookup is too far away, people share an extra hose and such.  I figure you’re already sharing your personal space being so close to eachother, and they can definitely hear our kids playing outside! 😉

The major thing that stands out for me at Rushing River campground is the awesome swimming area.  There are a few beaches with shallow waters, some gentle rapids to look at, and kayaks for rent to take along “the Path of the Paddle” (recently completed Trans Canada Trail connecting Kenora to Thunder Bay for the adventurous… maybe in 10 years with the kids 😉 ).


These kids are brave – it’s colder than it looks!


And just to make sure we’re not roughing it too much, we drove into Kenora. This is an awesome little town, by the way!  I loved it’s feel – small/medium town with a very active downtown with independent small stores, amazing brewery/pub/bottle store called Lake of the Woods with tasty beers, and they even had a massive beer and BBQ festival happening that weekend.  Highly recommend a visit!


Beautiful wildflowers!


DRP’s favourite breakfast “butter” on “bun” (PB on bread).DSC_9970.JPG

1 thought on “Rushing River – A Blast from G’s Past”

  1. I am so delighted that you have decided to document your journey guys, it’s amazing to read about your adventures and the best blogs are always really candid (as yours is….the trailer, the battery!) You look as though you are having an amazing adventure. Keep sharing!

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