Day 1 – Here We Go… Sort Of

What a mix of excitement and anxiousness at the size of this awesome adventure!  Not to mention wondering what we forgot to bring.  But our first day on the road started with a day of fails – yes fails!

We got to our first destination, the elusive and wild Scarberia.  But it took three iterations of different tow hitches, Thule attachment devices and bike rearrangements to get everything on board and ready to go.  In the process, we did happen to drag our bikes down King Street for a couple feet (a proper Canuckian would say meters) when the rear hitch failed, the welds broke, and the trailer’s rear bumper was at an angle that it definitely shouldn’t be.  We then proceeded to lose the trailer’s spare tire across a busy road in Scarborough, since the rear bumper was no longer supporting the tire.


I honestly still think that everything failed in the best possible way with minimal damage (the baggage rack on my bike was the only victim, which is amazing) and at the slowest speeds possible so no one got hurt.  Kind people were everywhere, to let us know that we had lost our tire, or that the hitch we had just bought and installed would likely destroy our SUV’s frame.  So we are already pretty grateful of people’s help.

IMG_8129Needless to say, our first leg of the trip to Scarborough was certainly an interesting one.  Made you think, do we really know what we’re doing here?  And the answer really is: “no, we don’t”.  But we have a good sense of adventure, can roll with the flow, have a toolbox full of tools handy, and are not afraid to ask for help along the way.  Not to mention we have kids to make us laugh along the way!  So away we go!