Happy Canada Day Fernie-Style!

Did I mention how awesome family is?  Apparently, the line must have been down between Winnipeg and Fernie as the warnings had not gotten through yet.  C’s wonderful Aunt and Uncle in Fernie put our horde up for the Canada Day weekend.  And what a warm welcome we got!


It was also so nice to park the car and the trailer for a few days after such a long trek!  And what a view to greet us in the morning!DSC_0379.JPG

The bikes came in handy, as P & F led our group into town.  We met up with C’s cousin and her family who also live in Fernie.  And we headed down to the local celebrations.

It was also great to see C’s cousin and her family!



This kid is done.



A taught JB how to get to checkmate within four moves.  These kids are pros!


Uncle F in action.DSC_0377.JPGDSC_0376.JPGIMG_4916.JPG

DPR (I figured out I was spelling the acronym for Dread Pirate Roberts incorrectly) is looking for golf balls.DSC_0389.JPG

Kids to play with, toys AND a giant basement training centre playground??!  The kids were in heaven!

There’s a legend about the ghost rider which can apparently be seen in this mountain formation.  Can you spot the rider?  We’ll have to get the story again from the fam when we see them next month.


Breakfast with our fabulous hosts!  What a view!  And the mountains aren’t bad either!DSC_0440.JPG

Aunt P leading the pack…DSC_0464.JPGIMG_4912.JPG

We took a bikeride to downtown Fernie.  What a pretty town it is.  Lots of nice shops and restaurants.DSC_0466.JPGDSC_0467.JPG

What’s more exciting than learning how to make smoothies over and over?  Apparently, nothing.DSC_0470.JPG

Then we got a lift up to the top of the mountain to go for a hike!DSC_0474.JPGDSC_0484.JPGDSC_0486.JPG

There’s quite the culture of very fast and very extreme mountain biking going on at the hill during the summer.  These people go FAST!  We chose to leave our bikes at home… this time.  Dutch bikes with seven gears and no shocks are maybe not the right equipment. 😉  (What do they say about a poor person who blames their tools?)

E said that it was just a little hike…DSC_0490.JPG

DPR was determined to hike like everyone else.  And just to kick it up a notch, he started weight training at the same time!DSC_0491.JPGDSC_0499.JPG

There were gorgeous wildflowers along the trail.  Apparently they’ll be even more spectacular in a month.


Fossil hunting!DSC_0503.JPGDSC_0502.JPG

Half the team did another hikeDSC_0511.JPGDSC_0509.JPGDSC_0510.JPG

And they were rewarded… with a snowball fight!DSC_0516.JPGDSC_0527.JPG

Wait… are we missing someone?DSC_0535.JPGDSC_0542.JPG

And on to a nearby stream for a secret cache of clay!DSC_0552DSC_0550.JPGDSC_0554.JPG

And off to E and J’s house for an awesome BBQ, catching up and, for the kids, playing.  (What you can’t see is the sprinkler underneath the trampoline which kept them busy for hours).


On our last morning, thanks to Aunt P, E-man went through a hair transformation!IMG_8324.JPG


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