Who are these Olsens Anyways?

We’re a family of five living in Toronto, Ontario.  G and C happened to find themselves inbetween jobs at the same time and joked about taking the time to cross Canada during the Canada 150 celebrations.  That joke became less funny and more real the more it was talked about, and lo and behold, they took a leap!  Our three wee travellers in tow are JB (aka “Jelly Beans”), E-man and DRP (aka “the Dread Pirate Roberts”).  At ages 2, 4 and 7, they help to constantly remind us how to look at new things in a fun and interesting light.

So we’ve bought a pop-up tent trailer and an SUV that can pull it, and we’re heading west!  Our goal is to take 2.5 months to travel west from Ontario to lower Alberta, head up north to the Yukon, and then back down through British Columbia to cross into the US to visit C’s brother and family in San Jose, California.  Oh and then race back for C’s extended family reunion in the Kingston, Ontario area in mid-August.  We’d love to hit both east and west Canada during this trip, but we’re also realists, so we might have to devote another trip to Canada’s amazing east coast.

So here we go!