Rolling into Winnipeg and the Prairies

A week into our trip and we said farewell to Ontario, although making several mental notes to our bucket list to come back and explore all that northern Ontario has to offer.  We loved our time there, and will certainly come back to check out the Algoma country to hike, canoe and tour more of it’s beautiful rugged land, including the Ouimet canyon, Potholes Provincial Park, and the quaint towns throughout.  So farewell, Ontario!

And say hello to Manitoba!  The kids started chanting “Winnipeg!  Winnipeg!” that morning (DRP got two out of three syllables correct).  But packing up our site and trailer as well as the large amount of stops for the kids made for a late afternoon arrival.  We haven’t got our routine perfected yet!

You gotta love family.  I mean, who else will hear from you the day before and willingly offer to feed you and let you crash at their place?  It was so good to see all of C’s awesome Winnipeg family, and even get a chance to meet and hold the newest addition to the family!  Apparently, we had so much fun chatting into the wee hours of the morning, that we forgot to take many pictures with everyone.  We’ll blame it on the growler of beer we brought from Kenora and we’ll have to make up for it in August at the big Simons family reunion!  Here’s a glimpse!




On the way out, we did follow our family’s suggestion to check out the Forks – an awesome public space full of restaurants, museums and sites.  At this point, we had gotten off a little slowly from the family headquarters, so had to choose which place to spend a little time with.  The Canadian Museum for Human Rights sounded amazing (and looked cool)…


… but the kids outnumbered us and voted for the Children’s Museum.  Understandable really.



And what an awesome place the Children’s Museum is!  And if you happen to be a member of a Science Centre that’s part of the Canadian Association of Science Centres, then you can get into all of them free or at a discount.  (Thanks to Auntie S for the recommendation!)

Boy did these kids have a blast!



Picture DRP saying “Again!” after each slide.  Yes, that is a psychadelic slide.


The number one hit was the working digger.


But I’ll turn it over to the kids to explain it better.

Winnipeg Children’s Museum, in Julia’s opinion:

“I was playing at the water place, and there’s like this little swirl pool, and when we put a ball in, it would go down and pop out of the hole on the bottom.  The swirl pool would suck it down.  I could hardly get my hand back up out of the swirl pool.”


“In this case, I kept putting balls inside the tubes and they would come out somewhere.  There’s little things you flip to make the balls go to the milk case or elsewhere. The funnest one was to make it go up high by flipping the things back and forth and  would make it go like sideways way up high or to the milk case.  If it went way up high, it would hit you on your head.  But they’re like a little cotton ball so it did not hurt.”


Note how amazing these two have gotten at sharing on this trip.  Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?