Hello Thunder Bay!

By now, we’re realizing that we’ve been going at a pretty fast pace, with packing up, driving every day and setting up each night.  Needless to say, there was grumbling in the ranks, and we were sensing that a mutiny was forming.  We had planned to drive 6 hours today to Rushing River to stay two nights, oh and get our trailer bumper/hitch repaired in Thunder Bay.  I think it was a wise move to make a compromise with the troops and move things around a little bit.

We switched our plan to have a stop in Thunder Bay (a mere 1.5 hours away) and postponed Rushing River.  TB (appears to be the affectionate short form for this city) is where we met possibly the most practical and wonderful welding shop in all of Thunder Bay.  A very competent gentleman at a custom welding shop (Rudnicki Industrial) stopped as he was heading out for lunch and took a look at our sad and broken trailer bumper and hitch receiver.  With minimal words and obvious expertise in metal working, we determined that the “hitch receiver” was actually someone’s aftermarket custom job of two angle irons welded together, and that there was no way that the thin metal bumper channel could support much weight.  Regardless, John assured us “We can help you out”.  So we left our little big trailer with John and off we went.

For good reason, the school boards really advertise the story of Terry Fox to kids.  So when we saw the Terry Fox Monument to mark where his incredible and ambitious run came to an end, we pulled off to take a look.  I think the kids were impressed with someone they see as a hero.


The lookout was gorgeous as well.  This is where Sleeping Giant PP gets it’s name from, if you can tell from the picture.


I’m sure the Finns out there already knew this, but did YOU know that there are huge Finnish roots in Thunder Bay?  There’s even saunas that you can park and enjoy whenever you feel the need to.  So of course we have to pick a Finnish restaurant, which E-man gave the thumbs up to the Finnish pancakes.  And apparently all the kids approved of C’s soup.


Within an hour, we had a call from John saying the trailer was fixed.  They did a nice job fixing it!  They even cut the slots needed for supporting the beds when it’s open.  Big shout out to John and the folks at Rudnicki’s!


Back to the Future! (Crossing time zones)!  But apparently G is tired as he took the picture from the wrong side of the sign. 😉


Until our arrival in Kakabeka Falls!  And early enough to have a fire.  And fires mean roasted marshmellows in the camping version of Pavlov’s dog theory, obviously.


The campsite was small and basic, but the showers were lovely and warm (compared to a chilly shower in Lake Superior PP)!  And the kids are whipping around the paved roads on their scooters and bikes.  Wesley earns himself a warrior wound or two, but keeps on trying to go as fast as his siblings.

By the time breakfast is finished (of those individual-sized boxes of sugary cereal…mmmm… corn pops!), we’re ready to check out these falls, which the google-ma-phone tells me is the second highest falls in Ontario.  They are gorgeous!




An awesome home baked pizza from CJ’s in this lovely small town, and I would rate a stop at Kakabeka Falls in the top five for sure!  There’s even a nice educational centre in the park that looks to have an active summer program (it was closed while we were there).  So add it to your Ontario bucket list!

Here’s your fun fact for the day:

The Legend of Green Mantle is about an Ojibwe chief who upon hearing news of an imminent attack from the Sioux tribe instructs his daughter, Princess Green Mantle, to devise a plan to protect her people. She enters the Sioux camp along the Kaministiquia River and, pretending to be lost, she bargains with them to spare her life if she will bring them to her father’s camp. Placed at the head of the canoe, she instead leads herself and the Sioux warriors over the falls to their deaths, sparing her tribe from the attack. The legend claims that one can see Green Mantle when looking into the mist of Kakabeka Falls, a monument to the princess that gave her life to save her people.  Wow – what a woman!