Riding the Trails on Riding Mountain

First off, can I say just how beautiful the prairies are?  Boring? Bah!!!  Horizons that go on forever, beautiful panoramas of golden and green fields and farms that look well kept but frozen in time.


Watching a baby black bear cross the road as we pull into Riding Mountain National Park was definitely a good sign (depending how you look at it).  Yes, we’re in bear country and we have to be more careful with three kids who love to bathe in peanut butter every morning.  But it also means we’re getting into real nature!  And what an awesome national park to do this in – we are loving Riding Mountain NP!  It’s about a two hour drive northwest of Winnipeg, and it is AMAZING!


The quaint town of Wasagaming (meaning “clear water” in Cree) is located inside the national park, and was originally meant to be a Victorian-era holiday playground.  The Swiss craftsman at the turn of the last century really put their talents to work in the buildings throughout.  Some of the locals admit that the town does get busier in the summer, and that June or the fall are the best (and quietest) time to visit.

We followed our noses to an amazing bakery with some of the tastiest sandwiches to rival some of our favourites back home.


To quote Shrek, Wasagaming is like an onion.  You have this humungous national park with a buffalo compound, or hiking trails looking over the lower plains for miles and miles.




Then you peel that layer off for the campground, with it’s awesome treed sites and paved roads for the kids to rip along on their scooters.


DRP may have sustained a few injuries from his high speed escapades on his scooter trying to keep up (or go faster) than his siblings.  He won’t let those hold him back though!


This town/campground is so picturesque, that even the washrooms/showers and water treatment facilities are beautiful log cabins!

Then you peel that layer off, and then there’s the town of Wasagming, with its quaint bakeries, restaurants, visitor’s info centre looking right out of a fairytale (what an awesome place to work!), ice cream stores, a ton of tiny cabins for visitors, and plenty of shops to meander through.



Then you find the gorgeous parkland with bike paths, mini-putt, tennis courts, gazebos, gardens and soaring trees providing much-needed shady spots to rest.



The final layer is the long sandy beach which occupied the kids for hours!  The water was cold, being June, but it was perfect for sandcastles and the water was extremely shallow in areas where the kids chased millions of minnows about, for hours, literally.




We loved our time here (we finally stayed for 2 nights .  Riding Mountain is definitely one of our highlights!

Riding Mountain NP, in Julia’s eyes.

This was a time where I was getting more into an Earth Ranger.  I saw the animals so I wanted to get a picture.  When I got a picture, I felt so much like a real Earth Ranger, because it looked like it was a real animal but it was made out of nature.  They were bisons.