Next Stop… Regina!

We said farewell to Riding Mountain National Park and Manitoba and travelled through the heart of the prairies.  Something went wrong with google maps as we certainly took the less travelled roads.  It was still gorgeous (maybe even more so).


C’s first three-point turn with the trailer when we realized we had missed a turn.


Wes taking care to share sunglasses with his favourite stuffie, Fox.


This time, we decided to take a two day respite from all the camping and pop-up tent setup and take down.  Catch up on a bit of laundry, have some overdue baths, and check out the Honda dealer and RV stores for some parts (we are one part shy of have working brakes on the trailer, which may come in handy in those little hills called the Rockies) We also wanted to work in some site-seeing in the lovely city of Regina.  So we booked an Airbnb, and how lovely it was to stretch out and relax!

Now both G and I have been to Regina separately, and I really like this town!  Gorgeous

The fam actually split up with G and JB having some daddy-daughter time together (learning to play catch as it was!).  DRP, E-man and I grabbed our bikes and headed for … the flats (as opposed to the hills).  The downtown homes are gorgeous and the beautiful canopy of old elm and ash trees providing welcome shade on the streets as we go by.  It was a hot day!


Now this 20-minute bike ride turns out to be a 2 hour bike ride, as it does with kids.  Complete with a stop at the cool Canada Games Wascana Lake park (had it not been so windy, it would have been cool to rent a canoe to paddle on the lake).  Wes was thrilled with his digger (and loathe to part with it!).


Photo courtesy: E-man

We finally made it to our destination: Saskatchewan Science Centre (again free with our Ontario Science Centre – cheers Auntie S!).

There’s a plan hatching here…


We had a lot of fun in this modest-sized but unique centre.  There was a lot of mining- and farming-centric games and such.


I couldn’t get far from my uranium CANDU bundle past (GE Canada made, no less):


And the kids’ favourite was chasing after the yellow balls that they would dump in a hopper somewhere, to be deposited elsewhere, to be “harvested”/collected to be put on a train to be shipped/sold, each time the yellow balls zipping around overhead in clear tubes.  Best E-man quote of the day: “Farming is hard work!”  No truer words were said, I think.  We were there until closing and then played in the musical playground outside with giant metal sheets for making thunder and geeky engineering playground stuff.  We loved it!  But by this time, DRP, E-man and I are pretty tired, and the weather has definitely turned to a windy, grey, cold and spitting with rain.  So we called in the troops and got bailed out by G and JB who picked us up halfway home.  It was nice to cook some home-cooked meals in a decent kitchen, and we filled up on mac and cheese and cupcakes for dessert.

We didn’t hit it this time, but I’d highly recommend visiting the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, walking about the parks and trails around Wascana Lake, as well as grabbing one of the tours at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building (gorgeous old building with marble everywhere and oozing with history).



But beware the mosquitos!  To this time in my life, the mosquitos in Regina are some of the fastest and stealthiest ones in the country!  You can feel them weigh down on your arm as they land.  So you have to move fast!  Hence the bikes!


A lovely two days in Regina before our next big haul – Fernie, BC!